The story of Zagi Beats

"My hobby became my passion and my passion became my work."

My name is Gabriel Igaz, also known as ZAGI Beats. My passion lies within music. To be more specific: by making beats and playing the piano. If it’s possible, I’m always listening to music. It inspires and motivates me to make more music and in many cases it positively reinforces my mood and concentration. It can also serve as a tool to bring peace and tranquility to my mind.

When I was younger, music already was a big piece of my life. For a long time, drums was the instrument that kept me going in the music world. Now it’s the piano that has an amazing impact on my soul.

Future plans

My plan for the future is to keep focusing on music and to develop myself intellectually, socially and personally. In short: to develop myself as a human being so that one day I can say to myself: “My hobby became my passion and my passion became my work.” My mom and dad have always told me that the key to live a happy and fulfilled life is to make work out of the things you love to do. I fully agree with them and I believe that I can reach that objective throughout music.

The collaboration with Catching Colours

What I like the most about Catching Colours is the fact that their philosophy is all about creating one society where everyone is unique in their own way. They want equality for everyone. It touched me, so I offered my way of help and support by wearing their clothing. I also produced the tracks behind their promo clips. Catching Colours and I have a strong connection with each other so I will keep supporting them as long as I can!

Thank you.

ZAGI Beats (Gabriel Igaz)

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