The story of Soufiane El Mokhtari (Soufskils)

"Learning crazy skills and being able to outplay all off your opponents on the street, that's the real deal!"

Hi everyone! My name is Soufiane el Mokhtari also known as SoufSkills and I’m a professional (street)football freestyler. My passion is and has always been football. I grew up playing on the streets and that’s what made me who I am today. Learning crazy skills and being able to outplay all off your opponents on the streets, that’s the real deal! It was Ronaldinho who made me fall in love with skills and freestyle. When I saw him doing all these crazy skills and tricks on the pitch, I was shocked and that’s when I started trying it out myself.

After 15 years of training outside with my friends on the streets, the hard work is finally paying off. I’m now a professional football freestyler and I’m competing in some of the biggest tournaments.

Future plans

My dream is to be a freestyle athlete for a living and that’s what I’m working hard for. My biggest goal is to inspire the younger generation with streetfootball, because streetfootball is for everyone. It’s all about expressing yourself in your own style, no matter what background you have.

The collaboration with Catching Colours

The reason why I like Cathing Colours alot is because of their clean and positive philosophy. They believe in a society where everyone is equal, no matter what skin colour, religion etc. and this is the right mindset. For now my aim is to be the upcoming Panna World Champion, which will be a big achievement for me! Stay positive and love to you all.

Thank you for reading.

Soufiane el Mokhtari (SoufSkills)

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