Mitchel Sullivan with Catching Colours

"The thing that keeps me motivated is making nonstop progress, it becomes addicting."

It’s me, Mitchel Sullivan and I’m an Independent Artist. At first I was working with other people on music and stuff. Turns out, it’s better to get shit done on my own.

Since then I started to improve massively and I’ll continue doing so. I’m the type of person that doesn’t want a boss or so above them. I don’t want any of that .. I know I’m able to achieve this, it’s just a matter of time.

Further on, there is always stuff that can inspire you whether that be by taking a walk or reading a book. Motivation and dedication are also things that are mad important in grinding for a certain amount of things that you want to achieve.

The thing that keeps me motivated is making nonstop progress, it becomes addicting.  

Future plans & my collaboration with Catching Colours

When it comes to networking and collaborating, that’s when Catching Colours comes in handy.

What I find dope about Catching Colours is that they offer chances and a place to go to for people who are ambitious and willing to try out new things.

You’ll definitely see my face passing more and more.

Spread the love,

Take it easy,

Mitchel Sullivan 

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