"Taking my listeners with me on my journey. So they can grow with me in the music"

My name is LIKA (Lieke), I am twenty years old and I always knew that music was my life.
But dealing with that knowledge was pretty hard sometimes.

I never wanted to admit that I wanted to write and perform professionally. It was a dream, but I never thought it would become reality. So I just let it be a dream. I followed an education in Journalism and hoped that I would see myself making a carreer out of it. During this education I was making music as well, but still not with the intention that I was going to do this professionally.

After I finished my education I still did not know what I wanted to become. I mean I knew, but I was still having a hard time admitting to it. I decided to take a year off and I just went to work. There I found out that there are many jobs that are fine, but nothing is ever going to make me as happy as music does.
That’s the moment where I found out that I had nothing to lose. I was always so afraid to fail in making music or making a living out of it, that I did not wanted to admit to it. But know I just thought, why not. Music is making me the happiest person I have ever been. Writing songs are making me deal with my emotions. And singing gives me energy that I never feel elsewhere.

The collaboration with Catching Colours

It is a whole new world, the music industry. Slowly but surely I am starting to figure it out more and more. I made an intro for me as an artist. I ended the intro with: ‘Let me take you on my journey’. That is what I am going to do. Taking my listeners with me on my journey. So they can grow with me in the music that I make and the artist that I am and want to become.


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