"What makes me unique is my appereance that differs from others."

My name is Leroy Bosman and I’m 20 years old. I am currently a Logistics Management Student so I am busy with my studies. Besides that my passion lies within modelling. This is a passion that I already had since I was a little child. To be more specific: I have done many modelling assignments for different brands and other companies. In addition, I have played in several commercials.

What makes me unique is my appereance that differs from others. I think that the combination of my hair(colour), my blue eyes and my skin colour makes me unique.

Future plans

My plan for the future is to finish my studies and I will possibly start another study. Besides that I want to continue to do as much modelling as possible.

The collaboration with Catching Colours

What I mainly like about Catching Colours is that they have a clear vision. I really like that Catching Colours wants to create one society where everyone is unique in their own way. I also like the Catching Colours logo with the tree in it. Therefore I think it is an honor to be a model for Catching Colours. I am very satisfied with the results of the Catching Colours shoots so I am happy with this strong collaboration. I am looking forward to working with Catching Colours in the future. I will continue to keep an eye on Catching Colours.

Thank you, Leroy Bosman 

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