"We produce and record the tracks ourselves, release the music ourselves and shoot the video clips ourselves."

My name is Isaiah Gesser, 19 years old and I am a producer, DJ and entrepreneur. Currently I am also studying law at the University of Utrecht

Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been playing piano since I was seven years old and by the time I was twelve I started spinning and producing.

In 2019 I established my own music label called Ice Cold Entertainment. Every month I release a track with a video clip together with Rotterdam rap formation 2Stylez. I met these guys through social media and it clicked immediately.

We act as a fully independent label. We produce and record the tracks ourselves, release the music ourselves and shoot the video clips ourselves. Since November 2020 we have released four tracks. In addition, we have also released some other items, such as the IGTV sessions on our socials.

Future plans

In the future we want to conquer the Netherlands with our music and reach as many people as possible with what we do. Hopefully by then we will have performances throughout the Netherlands and everyone will know our songs. By then I also hope to be able to offer more talents a platform and to be able to help with the release of music.

The collaboration with Catching Colours

On behalf of Ice Cold Entertainment, I am very happy with the collaboration with Catching Colours. Our vision is in line with that of this great brand. Create your own lane. I am honored that we can enter into this partnership.

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