The story of Frank slotta

"Just do what you like to do. Stop fantasizing. Go an upload 100 videos. Fail 99 times and then see what went well and what went wrong. That way you learn how to do it."

Hello my name is Frank van der Slot (better known as Frank Slotta) and you could know me from, among others: the YouTube channel “Slotta”, former e-sporter of Sparta Rotterdam, presenter for the e-division and of course my Instagram account “ frankslotta ”.

How did I get started?

I have a background in marketing. I saw that the game FIFA was enormously emerging, in that time there were only Koen Weijland and the Bankzitters in the Netherlands who did FIFA videos on YouTube, but that was all. Three years ago I was very good at FIFA, I played 6 to 7 hours a day. The start of my career actually started as an e-sporter at Sparta Rotterdam. There were also many famous people present and that’s how I got to know Raoul from the Bankzitters (on YouTube). He helped me set up my YouTube channel, among some other things. 

I saw a gap in the market that was not available in “FIFA YouTube Netherlands” at that time, namely being able to play well in combination with humor. That is the reason for the start of my own YouTube channel.

3 years ago it was not important to have the best of the best equipment, so I could start filming with cheap equipment. I learned editing by watching how they did this at Sparta. Success is nice, but in the first year I made 250+ videos by myself and uploaded them on my channel. I hardly made any money with this and everything I earned with it I put aside to reinvest in better equipment. Gradually everything started to get an upgrade. I see a lot of young YouTubers who spend all their money on unnecessary stuff right away. I advise everyone to reinvest the money you earn and make it work for yourself.

Future plans and my experience with Catching Colours

I do not have a specific goal for the future. I have multiple sources of income and different work that I enjoy doing. I am always lighthearted and see what the future will bring me. I am making huge steps with presenting and I would love to be able to present something on TV. My experience with Catching Colours has always been good. I got a message from the guys at Catching Colours. Because of their unique clothing, they stood out above all others who sent me messages. It’s nice that they also offer this kind of things in addition to just clothes.

Finally, I want to say that a lot of people ask me “how do I start a YouTube channel?” My answer is: just do what you like to do. Stop fantasizing. Go and upload 100 videos, fail 99 times and then see what went well and what went wrong. That way you learn how to do it. JUST DO IT!


Frank Slotta 

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