The story of Francis Straten

Follow the current flow and take everything that is there to get, that is my aim.

My name is Francis Straten, I’m 26 years old and I’m currently a model for Clean Nutrition. I also became miss Utrecht in 2018 and I mainly focus on sports and working on my full-time job.

In addition to all this, my passion really lies in presenting, because when I’m presenting I especially enjoy being able to pass on my energy to others and motivate others to pursue their passion. I also have several experiences with presenting myself, I was at the BNN academy myself and occasionally take assignment for presenting.

Future plans

Furthermore, I now look what comes my way and I tackle everything I like. I especially like to be busy every day at different times, not a permanent job from 9am to 5pm. 

The collaboration with Catching Colours

What really appealed to me to work with Catching Colours is mainly because Catching Colours also wants to motivate other people to pursue their goals and talents and that every person is unique as they are. I try to pass this on to the people around me every day and in this way I hope to inspire others to apply their talents.

Francis Straten

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